By: Ellen M. McDowell, Esq.

March is the month when Spring arrives, when the trees start to bud, when the earth again begins preparing to grow flowers and vegetables and green lawns. It’s a time for rebirth and rejuvenation, for fresh starts.

If you have had a tough winter, or if you have been living with bills and debts that have been weighing you down, you might be in need of a financial fresh start.

At McDowell Law, we can help with that. Our financial services lawyers have decades of experience helping clients unburden themselves and their businesses from debt that is holding them back from living the lives they deserve. We have successfully obtained discharges of debt (legal forgiveness) for hundreds of people. We are compassionate, knowledgeable and responsive. We don’t judge people who have run into hard times, instead we take pride and satisfaction from helping them overcome their problems.

Call us now if a fresh start is what you need. It would be our pleasure to meet with you at no charge to determine how we can help you.

And Happy Spring!