I am behind 10,000$ on my mortgage payments,Can you help me?

Yes we can, in a chapter 13 we have the ability to set up a payment plan for you. We can stretch that payment plan over and up to 5 years, if you can resume making your regular mortgage payments we can take care of that for you.

I am 50,000$ behind on my mortgage payments. Can you help me?

If your 50,000$ behind on your mortgage chances are you’re not going to be able to afford a repayment plan. So what we would probably end up doing is putting you into bankruptcy courts lost mitigation program. Where you will resume payments to the mortgage company we call those adequate protection payments, during that time your home will be protected from foreclosure.

I am a year behind on my property taxes. Can you help me?

When I hear you are a year behind on your property taxes I assume the mortgage company hasn’t advanced those. Maybe you have no mortgage or it just hasn’t advanced. If you’re a year behind I’m assuming there has already been a tax sale. In which an investor has purchased those, in that case you have two years to redeem. We can extend that redemption period for up tp five years, however you will have to pay the statutory interest.

My car just got repossessed can you help me?

Yes we can, but the first thing we got to decide is does it make sense to get it back. We will run the numbers for you, we can reduce the interest rate and stretch the payments. Depending on how long you have had the car, and how long the loan has been in existence we might be able to reduce the amount you own the lenders.